Dancers' Work

Romeo and Juliet

He may have me, suddenly me. I might already have him. I seized him.

Choreographer: YU Lijun
Dancer: ZHAO Jianrui, LIU Qingyu

Starting with Courage

I think I need some courage…Just like a train flew by, with the voice through the soul.

Choreographer: ZHANG Congbin (& Dancers)
Dancer: XIAO Zhiren, ZHAO Jianrui, HU Tengteng, LI Shengxiong, HE Min, ZHANG Xuefeng


For You
For Me

Choreographer: LI Pianpian
Dancer: LI Pianpian

X - 85213

For seven years, they have been sitting by the window every midnight waiting for aliens to take them home.

Choreographer: LAI Ka Bo
Dancer: LI Shengxiong, HE Min

This is a swimming pool

"Don't know why the sun rises every day"
"Freedom means"
"This is a swimming pool, and 'I' am a fish"

Choreographer: LIU Qingyu
Dancer: LIU Qingyu


Hi, Harry. I have a head.

Choreographer: XIAO Zhiren ( & LAI Ka Bo)
Dancer: LAI Ka Bo, XIAO Zhiren

As Water

How do you stop a drop of water from drying up?

Choreographer: ZHAO Jianrui
Dancer: ZHAO Jianrui


Chance becomes opportunity to those who are ready.

Choreographer: HU Tengteng
Dancer: HU Tengteng


You never know which one of me is in front of you at the moment.

Choreographer: LI Shengxiong
Dancer: LI Shengxiong

I do believe. (To Hai Zi, our poet forever)

His world fills with love, which is accompanied by loneliness and melancholy.
——To Hai Zi

Choreographer: HE Min
Dancer: HE Min


Things will develop in the opposite direction when they become extreme.

Choreographer: SHEN Wanying
Dancer: SHEN Wanying


I'm the guy who steps into others' lives unexpectedly.

Choreographer: ZHANG Xuefeng
Dancer: YU Lijun, HU Tengteng, SHEN Wanying, ZHANG Xuefeng

And Fall into The Spaces

If nothing is received, there will be nothing to give away.

Choreographer: Michele WONG
Dancer: ZHANG Congbin, LAI Ka Bo, LIU Qingyu, Michele WONG


The way ahead is long, whose ending can not be seen.

Choreographer: CHEN Yijie
Dancer: CHEN Yijie

Did You See That?

It is me, that's it. I am softly torn apart. You see, you see our eyes.

Choreographer: HU Qingqing
Dancer: HU Qingqing