Modern Dance Friends’ Regulations

The modern dance is an abstract art, its aesthetic consciousness, the concept of art, dance architecture and vocabulary are entirely different from the traditional dance. " Modern Dance Friends " is a platform for the all modern dance fans to know, appreciate and discuss the modern dance. Aimed at promoting the development of the modern dance in China.


  • The regulation go into effect on 16th February, 2013;
  • Membership card's period of validity for one year, go into effect from the payment date. (The date noted at the the card shall prevail);
  • The card can only be used by self, not be lent, can't and with other promotional offers;
  • The membership fees are fifty yuan;

Membership Privileges

  1. Can enjoy eight fold preferential price to buy the perform of Guangdong Modern Dance Company, Hong Kong City Modern Dance;
  2. Can enjoy specify the discount to watch the show of International Modern Dance in China which host by Guangzhou Modern Dance;
  3. Can participate in modern dance's exchange activities host by the company for free;
  4. Can enjoy the membership price to have the Guangdong Modern Dance training center's daily classes;
  5. Can enjoy the specify discount to buy the albums of painting, publications and limited souvenirs;

More discount will continue to come, please pay attention.
*The Guangdong Modern Dance Company has the rights to make final decision. All information given here is subject to changes or update.


Program Department of Guangdong Modern Dance Company


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