Inspired from some of the fragmentary memories, TINY may bring fantasy and peacefulness, a delicate indifference, perhaps the loneliness of whispers, from the warmth of a fairy tale, which will leave you with a smile of relief. By observing into this piece, we hope you will find the most peaceful voice in your inner heart.

In order to look, one has to start with a beginner’s mind, a mind that carries no preconceptions or presumptions. The beginner’s mind looks to find out what is new; it does not look to confirm. To look, we have to be ready to enter into the unknown. We have to be willing to throw away our armor of beliefs, knowledge, tradition, or whatever we cling to for comfort. We have to open up ourselves and be vulnerable.

The Zen Teachings of Jesus by Kenneth S. Leong.

Concept & Choreography: XING Liang
Music Design: Steve HUI
Light Design: LOW Sheehoe
Set Design: XING Liang, LOW Sheehoe
Costume Design: Linda LEE
Movement & Performance: GMDC Dancers