Centuries ago, the ancestors originating from Asia migrated across the ocean. Some settled down in the Pacific Islands, and some of them travelled even further to New Zealand, Hawaii and Easter Island...They dispersed in regions unknown to them, starting whole new lives. Today, two renowned dance companies, the Guangdong Modern Dance Company and the Footnote New Zealand Dance reunion in Asia jointly exploring physical movements and origin.

Following the co-production with an Australian dance company in 2016, the Guangdong Modern Dance Company collaborated with artists from the Southern Hemisphere once more, the Footnote New Zealand Dance, and created an original full-length modern dance works, Hemispheres, filled with imaginations and dynamics.

The creative team of Hemispheres is teamed up with international talented artists including emerging choreographers Sarah Foster-Sproull and Zahra Killeen-Chance from New Zealand, acclaimed choreographer Wu Chien-wei from Taiwan, China, accomplished electronic musician Eden Mulholland, Emi Pogoni, Alexander Waite Mitchell, genius lighting designer Low Shee Hoe as well as emerging costume designer Zhong Huizhen from Beijing, China. Dancers with diverse culture backgrounds will present a superb dance feast beyond ethnic groups and languages.

Elliptical Fictions


Zahra Killeen-Chance

Stage Design

Richard Killeen

Music Composition

Emi Pogoni

Performed by

Georgia Beechey-Gradwell

Tyler Carney

Joshua Faleatua

Anu Khapung

Adam Naughton

Selections from The Spring Tide

Director: LIU Qi

Art Director: ZHANG Xiaoxiong

Choreography & Costume Design: WU Jianwei

Music: Alexander Waite MITCHELL

Lighting Design: LOW Shee Hoe​​​​​​

Stage Design: WANG Yaochung

Literature Script: MU Ge

Visual material: XU Peiwu, ZHANG Xiaoxiong

Performance: GMDC Dancers

Production & Performance: Guangdong Modern Dance Company

Mass Solitude

Choreographic Direction

Sarah Foster-Sproull

Music Composition

Eden Mulholland


Low Shee Hoe

Creative Assistant Direction

Anita Hunziker

Movement composition and performance

Adam Naughton

Anu Khapung

Belinda ZHANG

CHEN Baiyu

LI Jiahao

Emma Cosgrave

FU Binjing

Georgia Beechey-Gradwell

Joshua Faleatua

Christy MA

SU Zihao

Taniora Motutere

Tyler Carney