Director of Guangdong Modern Dance Company

Certified as the state first level choreographer of China, LIU Qi is the Vice Chairman of Guangdong Dancers Association. In 1991, she graduated with Bachelor’s Degree of Arts from Chinese Ethnic Dance Department, Beijing Dance Academy. Upon graduation, she took up a teaching post in the Chinese Ethnic Dance Department, Beijing Dance Academy and worked as a lecturer later in 1995. LIU Qi joined the Guangdong Modern Dance Company in 1996 and worked as dancer, teacher and head of the Arts Department. She was the Deputy Artistic Director of the Guangdong Modern Dance Company from 2004 to 2009. In 2006, she was acclaimed as Century Star of Guangdong Province for her outstanding achievements in arts. From 2010 to 2016, LIU Qi was the resident choreographer of the Guangdong Modern Dance Company. She was appointed as the Company Director since 2017. 

LIU Qi’s career as a choreographer dates from 1994. So far, there are over 70 dance works of her choreography in different categalories, including modern dance and Chinese classical dance, have been staged. Those works are Pagoda, Fight Under The Table, Upon Calligraphy, Sumeru, Sprint, to name a few. LIU Qi has received numerous awards for her outstanding choreography. Assigned by the Ministry of Culture of China, and the people’s government of Guangdong Province, LIU Qi’s dance creations have been toured extensively, as well as being invited to international festivals and overseas performance.