Chinese Traditional Dance Teacher

Training center’s "Autumn & Winter Dance Season" course, Water sleeves dance tutor.
Class time: from September 9th to December 31st , every Tuesday night

In 2009, he was admitted to the Department of dance history, Beijing Dance Academy, majored in dance history, with a bachelor's degree and a bachelor's degree in literature (Dance).
In 2012, she took the score of the first place to study the dance and choreographer of Beijing Dance Academy (the direction of modern dance creation and Teaching Research), and studied the master's degree in literature (Dance), from Professor Wang Mei.
In 2013, served as a basic course teacher of Chinese dance performance in Guangdong dance drama Career Academy, and participated in the research group of Guangdong dance drama and Career Academy.
2013 - 2015 she participated in the drama research project of Central Academy of Drama.
From 2016 to now, she served as a temporary teacher in the College of music and dance of Guangzhou University. The teaching courses include: "basic skill training of dance", "dance creation", "modern dance basic training and creation", "modern dance basic training and teaching method", "art party editor art", "form training", "form training and dance foundation", "foundation of form training and dance", "foundation of form training and dance", “The history of Western Ballet” and “the creation of children's dance”. During the period, she also had some part-time courses: folk dance, south of the Five Ridges folk dance, water sleeve dance, modern dance, dance introduction, dance education and so on, and write the director and modern dance teaching plan of Guangzhou University College of music and dance to participate in the undergraduate evaluation; the compilation works participate in the Zhongshan University dance performance, the Tianhe juvenile Palace dance performance, the modern dance troupe of the Guangdong performance, etc.