SOL Dance Company(Israel)

This work deals mainly with our capacity to look at ourselves in a cynical way; in particular, our obsession with external beauty and our ability to laugh at ourselves. During the creative process, we were inspired by the ideas of self- sacrifice, love, giving, lightness, fear, disappointment, the ego, identity and others.

As we began the creative process for TOML, we borrowed from a previous work, DU-K, which dealt with the subject of "coexistence" and was a collaboration between SOL Dance Company and BJ9CDT from Beijing. During the rehearsals for TOML, the themes intensified and we began delving into deeper questions about the differences between our two cultures. That led us into an extraordinary and collaborative evolution, until we arrived at a work that had been completely transformed into a unique form.

艺术总监及编舞 Artistic Director and Choreography

艾尧·达东 Eyal Dadon

灯光及舞台Lighting & Stage

齐玉洁 Qi Yujie 茜喜·耶胡戴 Shay Yehudai


米甲·罗利 Michal Lorie

制作人 Agent

利奧尔·列夫 Lior LEV

音乐 Music

Bon Iver
尼西莫‧古特曼 Nissim GUTMAN 阿祖安‧科隆佩斯 Adrian KLUMPES 比尔‧麦德利 Bill MEDLEY

New Look
汤玛‧萨兰 Tomer SALEM

柴可夫斯基 Pyotr Ilyich TCHAIKOVSKY 珍妮花‧华恩斯Jennifer WARNES


陈·阿格隆 Chen AGRON 鲁卡·凯西迪 Luca CACITTI 莫兰·穆勒 Moran MULLER 奥利·摩西·奥佛利 Ori Moshe OFRI 伊唯塔·欧姆西 Evyatar OMESSY 谢伊·帕尔图斯 Shay PARTUSH 洛尼·本·西蒙 Rony Ben SIMON