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Choreography: Hou Ying


Producer:Ge Huichao

Stage Design:Hou Ying

Music:Vladislay Delay、Randall Love

Lighting Design:Liu Hengzhi

Costume Design:Xie Wei

Video Director:Hou Ying

Video shooting:Yang Rui

Video cutter:Fu Chenjia

Graphic design:Wang Zi,Zhang Sijia

Photographer:Hu Yi Fan

Dancer: Dang Peilong, Li Yichunzi, Chen Weijie, Xue Wendan, Wang Xinzi, Huang Jianrong, Liu Sisi

【About the program】

Track, the track of color and line, is the hue and track of life. The work explores human being’s eagerness and ponder, panic and forward, dependence and independence, persevering pursuit and enlightenment of life. It shows the rich inner world through visual, dramatic language, and abstract body movements. The core of the work is an anti-pure expression within a fictitious pure space. Delirious temperament and mental visual symptoms, the sensual, rational, aesthetic, confused feelings are intertwined, forming a strong visual impression to bring modern people profound reflection and internal impact on the endless desires. Through video, stage set and body language, Track tries to explore the intricacies between individual and society, needs and gains, desire of expansion and illusion in reality, and layers of perception and complex response to the thousands of colors in the power of life.

【About the Choreography & the Company】

Hou Ying Dance Theatre company was founded in 2011, Hou Ying firstly established Vision Dance Theatre company in 2006 based in New York before the current one, In 2008, she went back to china to choreograph the show titled The Picture for the Beijing Olympic Opening Ceremony in 2008, In 2009, she relocated her dance company and switched her career focus to Beijing, China. Since she went back to China, she has been dedicated in developing and fostering improvisational practices in dance and creative education.

Hou Ying as the artistic director plays the crucial and vital role in the Hou Ying Dance Theatre company. Hou Ying was trained in traditional Chinese classic dance, folk dance, ballet, traditional Chinese opera, and martial arts. In the United States, she also studied the dance techniques from the dance masters such as Martha Graham, José Limon, Merce Cunningham, Trisha Brown. Hou Ying has devoted her life time to exploring how to integrate the eastern rhyme, spirit that includes the natural movement of the body with the western post modern dance techniques that involves the deconstruction of the body. As a result, she formed a unique and highly recognizable Hou Ying dance limbs movement skills where the idea of body mind holism is the key which shows how the consciousness drives the mind, the mind in turn drives the body and the body reflects the mind.

It has been imperative for Hou Ying Dance Theater to develop extraordinary works with uncompromising attitude. The works include: Night of the Spirit(1996)/ Kiss(1998)/ TuTu(2009)/ Interface(2011)/ Interface2(2012)/ Infinity(2013)/ The Moment(2015), and so on. The company’s works incorporates theatrical elements, experimental music, contemporary art, and is seen as the revolutionary avant-garde art in its inter-disciplinary collaboration and practices.Hou Ying Dance Theatre has been invited to tour in more than 10 countries and invited to join different international art festivals, such as the Tisch Theater in Art Institute of New York, Lincoln outdoor art festival, the Portuguese Almada Art Festival, St Petersburg Openlook Festival etc.