This moment, strangers met on the way

Inspired by The Hour We Knew Nothing of Each Other, by Austrian writer, Peter Handke, the choreographer creates the stage as an open square in a bright light. The square is filled with various bustling figures who, in their solitude, pass one another without any dialogue or communication. The actions are derived from the text and the dance expresses the characters’ intentions. Xing Liang presents a brand new and unique expression of the body, contrasting his physical approach to dance.

Choreographer: XING Liang
Music Design: KUNG Chi Shing
Lighting Design: LOW Shee Hoe
Costume Design: K@FingPop

Dancers: YU Lijun, ZHANG Congbin, LI Pianpian, XIAO Zhiren, IU Qingyu, ZHAO Jianrui, HU Tengteng, LI Shengxiong, HE Min, SHEN Wanying, ZHANG Xuefeng, Michele WONG,HU Qingqing, CHEN Yijie, FU Binjing