Salty Roast Crane

Crane, is representative of the Chinese traditional culture aesthetic, elegant and charming, transcendental and free from vulgarity, but if traditional Hakka cuisine will be "salted" is how alternative, weird?

About salty roast crane

Salty Roast Crane can be a dish, just put the salt in Hakka traditional food chicken substituting urn in crane. Crane is a representative of Chinese traditional culture and aesthetics, referring to the almost traditional culture all can be related to the beauty, high, transcendental and free from vulgarity, and put it under salt urn to be baked, the feeling is a matter of opinion.

About time

Dance and life are the art of time, no matter what body is known to put the squeeze on the shape, with the passage of time, will turn to dust. In order to get through the body as a force of gaining any that seem to be apparently vain and ridiculous.

About limitations

Life is a limitation, or be limited. The length of life is confined to the space and time, the width of life is limited to consciousness and growth experience, the possibility of life is more limited to cultural and cultural background. Almost all that we might have, will be limited by itself. Works with limitations as the breakthrough point, in the hustle and bustle and lonely, panic and indifference, sensitive and helpless moment, combing our minds in the social background and its influence to bring us, and then discusses in the impact process, thinking, awareness of the self binding, self comfort and self liberation.

Choreographer: Er Gao
Music: LIANG Yiyuan
Performance: GMDC