N Generations

Choreography: LIU Qi

Movement Composition and Performance:

Belinda ZHANG

LI Jiahao



LEE Ya-jui

LI Siyu

WANG Meizhi


LIU Xichao

MIAO Jiawei

ZHANG Yuting

FANG Suying

Text: HE Qiman

Original Music: NG Chor Guan

Installation & Lighting Design: LOW Shee Hoe

New Media Art Director: KE Yongen

New Media Design and Production: Pineberry Tech

Costume Design: HE Xiaochun

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In the hustle-bustle metropolis, time fragments into slots. People are in constant pursuit of light. In their kaleidoscopic everyday life, the dwellers rush around, casting various reflections. Looking at the glittering, even further beyond, a world distills to essence over the starry dome.

The compassion for all, a light heart, and a free spirit are gifts from Zhuangzi to humanity. As time passes, the wisdom of the ancient sage still kindles in our hearts and the generations to come.