Love Letter

In the 22th evening, jointly organized by the Guangdong Provincial Department of culture, Hongkong Civil Affairs Bureau and Kangle and Cultural Services Department, Macao Cultural Bureau of the large modern dance drama "love letter" is premiered at the Guangzhou friendship theatre, the drama is created from three places of Guangdong modern dance choreographer and dancer, Macao studio and the famous musician Li Tieqiao.

The true love dance, blending multimedia creation, revealing the two winding generations of kinship, self pride, chasing stars blooming an affectionate, forgotten by love of solitude and escape the situation finally suddenly open-minded indifferent. Affection very touching, going around dozens of years of correspondence, through Chopin, Ravel, Mahler pass what the romantic movement in temperature. Director Pan Shaohui will join the Guangdong three elite choreographer, together with the Guangdong modern dance company, Macao dancer and the studio artist, live performance, showing love, dance in the moment.

《Love Letter》Surface
Session One Family Letter
Choreography:Hu Xiao、Pan Shaohui
Music:Li Tieqiao Xiao Bang《The first piano concerto》E MinorOP.11(Allegro maestoso)
Dancer:Zifeng and GMDC Dancers

Session Two The color of the cult
Choreography:Wang Ronglu and Choreographers
Music:Li Tieqiao Ravel《Bolero》 (Pink Martini Compose)
Dancer:Pan Shaohui、Hu Xiao、Wang Ronglu、Mei Zhuoyan、Hong Zhenyu and GMDC Dancers

Session Three Heart beat
Choreography:Hong Zhenyu、Pan Shaohui
Music:Li Tieqiao Gershwin 《Somebody Loves Me》《For you, For me, For Evermore》《Summertime》
Dancer:Zifeng、Mei Zhuoyan、Wang Ronglu、Hu Xiao、GMDC and Macao Dancer Studio

Session Four The bird without feet
Choreography:Mei Zhuoyan
Music:Li Tieqiao Mahler《The fifth sympony》(adagietto)
Dancer:Zifeng and GMDC Dancers

Session Five A love letter to father
Choreography:Pan Shaohui
Music:Li Tieqiao
Dancer:All people

General Director:Pan Shaohui(Guangdong)
Text:Yang Qing(Guangdong) Pan Shaohui(Guangdong)
Choreography:Pan Shaohui(Guangdong) Mei Zhuoyan(HK) Hu Xiao(Guangdong) Wang Ronglu(HK) Hong Zhenyu(Macao)
Music:Li Tieqiao(Beijing)
Stage Design:Lai Miaozhi (HK)
Lighting Design:Feng Guoji (HK)
Costume Design:Zhang Yue e (Guangdong)
Sound Design:Xia Enbei (HK)
Image Making:Feng Guoji(HK) Liu Shihao(Guangdong)