Early Summer

Early Summer is a collection of Black Hole and Main Dishes V.


Outside the window, the rain stop suddenly, the cicadas keep singing, and the sunshine go through the clouds. That is, the early summer has come.

Early summer is flourishing youth, which has the courage to explore the unknown, the bloom of spring and the vitality of summer. This work will show the deep passion of the early summer in a free way.

Main Dishes V

Dancers&Choreographers: GMDC Dancers

Technical Manager: CHEN Suizhong

Stage Manage & Lighting Designer: DENG Yonghao

Deputy Stage Manager: LI Shunbo

Wardrobe: GAO Xiaowen

Black Hole

Choreographer: CHANG Chien-Ming

Premiere Lighting Designer: CHIU Pin-Hsueh

Re-stage Lighting Designer: Low Shee Hoe

Music Design: Liu Yen-Cheng

Music: Fragile Wind from Nitin Sawhney

Costume Concept: CHANG Chien-Ming

Rehearsal Assistant: CHANG Chieh-Hann