Duchamp In The I-Ching Mirror

Duchamp In The I-Ching Mirror explores the clash of two very different philosophies and perspectives on arts and reality. The mystic avant-garde artist, Marcel Duchamp, regards concepts as the very essential in arts. Reality is superficial, like the reflections in the mirror. I-Ching, the ancient Eastern Bible on universe and human behavior, stipulates that change is essential. All forms of existence are transit, nothing is permanent. The encounter by Duchamp walking into a I-Ching mirror thus provokes interesting associations. Would he still see concept as an absolute thing? Would he surrender his sharp mind to the dance world? Every possibility leads to a way of exploration, into arts, and into reality.

Script / Director / Choreographer: PUN Siu-fai
Choreographers: XING Liang, LIU Bin
Compostor: Nirmali Fenn
Music & Recording Coordinator: William Lane
Lighting: FENG Guoji
Stage & Costume Design: KONG Dexuan