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Time:6th March, 2011 20:00
Place:Guangzhou Friendship Theatre

Time:March 13th-14th, 2011 20:00
Place:Beijing Haidian Theatre

Beyond Calligraphy is developed from Liu Qi’s Upon Calligraphy, a dance production that has had nearly 100 performances since its premiere in 2005. The work has also won awards for Liu Qi and the Guangdong Modern Dance Company on outstanding choreography, lighting design, performance as well as production.

In spring 2011, the program is invited to show in Beijing after being selected Work of Excellence, Theatre Arts of Guangdong. The work is also commissioned to be expanded from a 43 minutes’ work to a full evening program of around 70 minutes in length. The dance structure of the original version of Upon Calligraphy, where in five dances represent five different script styles in the history of Chinese calligraphy, is retained in this new production. Liu Qi has created a new epilogue to the original finale that commented on the hasty and emotionless mode of communication in the digital era. The new epilogue pays homage to the spiritual essence of ink wash painting. A new balance and harmony is found Beyond Calligraphy.

  • Go to USA to participate in ’International Dance Festival' in April;
    Appointed by the Chinese Ministry of culture again to go to Poland in Chinese Cultural Festival in September.
  • Together with vice governor Lei Yulan to visit Denmark in August to commemorate the 200 week of the birth of Andersen and be on behalf of the Chinese to celebrate the performance and then visit Poland;In October, to participate in “Kennedy Art Center Chinese Cultural Festival” and together with the governor Huanghuahua to visit Canada;In November, to participate in Guangdong Ninth art festival and won four awards of director, performance, lighting and repertoire.

In the name of dance to communicate with calligraphy Nanfang Metropolis Daily

The modern music is full of Chinese elements, which is interwined with dance, awakening the calligraphy strange beauty. Let us welcome to the long-awaited ink and the heart of Oriental philosphy.