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Choreogrpahy:Sang Ji Jia
Music: Pan Sonic 、 Heiberg 、 Xyramat 、 Leslie Stuck
Lighting: Li Zhi Wei
Performed by:Guangdong Modern Dance Company
Premiere: Oct 2007 Guangzhou

Stick figure is a common tool  which Sang Jijia used to record dance. At the same time it is a note for Sang Jijia to think creations since he started dance training at the age of 12. As time went by, stick figures have become a medium to think and tell stories. Sticks is an animated tale of Sang's life long passion and fantasy in dance, of the dancers' personal stories, of the everyday urban humdrums.

Sophisticated, but not hard to understand NEW EXPRESS DAILY

‘Sticks’ was the first creative work after Sang Jijia returned to Guangzhou in stage.The audiences were full, which to see everyone give him expectations and confidences. In the14th evening performance, Sang Jijia controlled the stage within 35 minutes to show his learning experience, memory and nostalgia for the extremely concise presentation which made everyone satisfied.


Dancer Sang Jijia‘s Return Guangzhou Daily

In ’Sticks‘, you can see the free body, the anti-normal action. For example, you can also feel without common sense with a wrestling. The dance is precisely to explore the action limit and body limit of the actors, showing the audience a kind of three-dimensioned sense of the body, including the understanding of space and human body.