The M Class Information

In the festical, teachers from Germany, Nederland, America, Korea and China, will hold modern dance class with different themes.

1. Panama PicturesNederland

Francesco Barba,Tarek Rammo

Dance is so much more than beautiful movements and circus is much more than a series of impressive tricks. Dance and circus say something about who you are and what you stand for. Movement conveys a physical feeling and draws you into its story. It is about connecting. With that conviction, Panama Pictures makes performances in which dance and circus flow smoothly together. Dynamic, unpolished and adventurous, but at the same time highly vulnerable and intimate. The creation process is characterized by dialogue and by mutual inspiration and respect. Every performance is developed collaboratively.

Introduction of the company

Panama Pictures presents a refreshing, unique mix of circus and dance. The company is based in the Netherlands but also enjoys international recognition with selections for various dance networks, international residencies and performances in, among others, Germany, Poland, Russia, Norway, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia and China. With Panama Pictures, choreographer Pia Meuthen develops a new and authentic signature: unpolished and raw, but with a natural ease where dance and circus blend effortlessly with one another.

In 2018 Pia Meuthen receives the Prins Bernhard Culture Fund Prize North-Brabant. The jury praised her unique and impressive oeuvre. 'Pia Meuthen has enriched Brabant with stimulating performances of unprecedented eloquence', according to jury chairperson Esmeralda Huizen.

2. Edivaldo Ernesto(Germany)

This is an intense and dense group dynamic class. It is about energy, about constantly challenging your limits. Understanding what defines you as a dancer and pushing those boundaries over and over again.

Allowing the environment to influence your dancing skills, refining tools to create new movement qualities and new rhythms. Digging deeper inside the range of your own personal dance vocabulary, becoming anyone or anything. Working with partnering, multi- directional micro- narrative movement to transforming as a whole group. Learning how to effectively be unpredictable, how to recycle energy, how to use the body as your primary tool. I guarantee a new process of study in which I go as a teacher and guidance parallel to your learning process and makes you do the step of digesting the work to get a completely new level.

About Edivaldo ERNESTO

Expert/Teacher/Choreographer born in Maputo (Mozambique) and currently based in Berlin since 2007 .

For 11 years Edivaldo Ernesto has been working with David Zambrano in duet improvisation performances and further creations, teaching and touring across the world . He has performed :“twelve flies went out at noon”, “Soul Project”, “SHOCK” and “land in love”;Directed by David Zambrano.

Edivaldo Ernesto is a former member of Sasha Waltz and Guests company(2007-2014) . He performed repertory and new production works “Travelogue-Twenty to eight”, “Jagden und Formen”, “Continu”, “Metamorphoses”, “Passion”, “Gefaltet” and “Sacre”, and is also 2012 he has developed various collaborative projects with Judith Sanchez Ruiz such as spontaneous improvisation performances and the choreographic duets“There is a name for it” and in research “till Collapse”2015.

Since 2011 Edivaldo Ernesto has been immersed in the investigation and development of his workshops“Depth Movement”and “Next Level” that have been spread across Europe educating many dancers and performers.

Judith Sanchez RUIZ (USA)

Research is a state of mind in which everything flows. It widens your perspective, awakes and transcends you…

This workshop will trigger your un/comfortable zone. I will guide you in exploring different approaches to movement which are an integral part of my own investigation as a choreographer. We will practice how to enter - and stay - in a state of research, awareness and curiosity. We will learn how to develop movement in close relationship to space, as well as in relationship with others.I will encourage you to own your movement. Find precision whilst being wild, but most importantly: Live within your dance!

About Judith Sanchez RUIZ

The Berlin-based director, choreographer, teacher and improviser Judith Sanchez Ruiz (CU-GE) was based in New York since 1999 and relocated in Berlin in 2011. She has created numerous choreographic stage and Site Specific works and has initiated several improvisation projects involving live music with innovative composers and visual artist. She is a former member of Sasha Waltz & Guest, Germany (2011-2014);Trisha Brown Dance Company, US, (2006-2009);Mal Pelo Company, Spain (1997-1999) and DanzAbierta Company, Cuba, (1991-1996). Among others she has worked together with independent choreographers such as DD Dorvillier (2002), David Zambrano (1997), Jeremy Nelson & Luis Malvacias (2001) and Deborah Hay (2012). Since 2012 she has been doing a choreographic collaboration with Edivaldo Ernesto; their new duet “NOISE” is touring in 2017-2018 internationally.

Judith has been teaching worldwide in festivals, institutions Company has been presented in Europe: “Micro Revolution” , ACUB, Berlin, 2015; “Sebastian Schunke Meets JSR”, Pavillon Hanover, Germany, 2016;Improvisayional Project “Mirror Equation”, Berlin, Germany, 2016.“ ENCAJE”, Spain, 2017.

Roh Jung Sik (Korea)

Investigated the purpose of the movement of combinations of cause and the nature of dance movements.

About Roh Jung Sik

Lecture:2000 Inchoen Community College, DanKook University;2002 Seoul Arts University, Seoul Dance Company;2007 JeonBuk University;2003-2015 Sejong University, Kangwon University;2014 Utah University Exchange professor;2015-2016 Kangwon University, DanKook University, HanYang University;2017-Present HanYang University, Dankook University, Kangwon University,Seoul Arts University, ChoongNam Arts School

Awards:2013 Seoul International Choreographing Festival <Magikal Eye>,"Grand Prize" Supported;2014 Arts Council Korea - International Exchanging Program;2016 Korea Dance Festival in ChoongNam "Grand Prize" Supported

LIU I-Ling (Taiwan)

In the simple and intuitive way, the workshop will guide the students to create their own dance sentences, and then hand them to different tasks to create various variations of the dance sentences, which will produce the theme and meaning.

Traveling and living in New York,USA, she is a senior dancer of Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company in America now.In 2012, she served as the rehearsal guide for the D-Man in the Waters, performed by the Focus Dance Company of the Northern Art University.In 2014, she returned to Taiwan to participate in the production of Horse Dance Theater’s 10 years establishment, and performed Chen Wukang's “Death Mimicry” at the National Drama Theatre.Since 2015, she has been a self-produced dancer of BTJ / AZ in the work of Dancers by Dancers.In the same year, she worked with He Xiaomei to joined the Meimage Dance “Button Project”and published her personal creation “Hush”.In the summer of 2017,she returned to the new work “Geng”.

Zhang Ciyu(Taiwan)

Mainly based on the skills of contemporary dance concepts, and incorporating different body training methods: such as ballet, Graham skills, yoga, etc., to develop the physical ability and solid foundation of the dancers.

In addition, the experience of many years of professional dancers is combined with the development of combined movements as the main axis of training, exploring, analyzing and understanding the principles of function, connectivity, coordination and cutting of the spine and upper and lower limbs, and the use of energy; Let the combination of movements practice the combination of time, space, energy and rhythm, showing the level of texture and comprehensive performance.

MW Dance Theathre (Hong Kong & Macao)

Wong Choi Si + Mao Wei

Contemporary dance is a relatively abstract art. Its aesthetic consciousness and physical use are completely different from traditional dance art. The body, as an important tool for performance, every cell, every perception, should be valued and understood. We believe that the beauty of dance is not the difficulty of the action form itself or the skill, but the process.

The course is divided into two parts: body development and double contact. From personal body development to contact with two people, we hope to carefully deconstruct the shift of focus and use of the body through practice, from the body to the ground, the contact and listening of the body and the body, between the conscious or the unconscious, exploring the possibilities of the body. The two will use the perception training, through the change of the center of gravity and the listening of the body, thoroughly understand the movement, principle and method of the dance of the couple.

MW Dance Theatre

Mao Wei and Tracy started to work and collaborate since 2013, and they formed an artist platform MW Dance Theatre. CREATING AND PERFORMING. They are keen on the development of the body and to explore the physical characteristics of the unique style; delicate partnering work with a strong visual impact is a major feature of their works.

They specialize in the use of images to create an atmosphere and feelings to give people direct visual impact and their own imagination. In recent years. They have attracted attention and representative of young generation in Hong Kong art scene.