Super Tight

Body twist or whirl caused muscle tight and transmits a signal of “nervous”. Our mind reflects from and interacts with the body. The brains keep thinking over and over again when a new discovery happens to physique? Otherwise, it may be fear deep inside that influence body and soul.

Who is Lucy?

Lucy was a woman lived 3.2 million years ago. When anthropologist discovered her fossil skeleton, it is said human beings have to re-define how and where they originally from. The choreographer Er Gao is obsessed with the idea that how the body of Lucy made it through the long long 3.2 million years, the way it had been drifting and wandering. However he got it at the instant he pushed the dancers’ bodies through the theatre naked space. He then found a way to present Lucy.

No Matter He or She

Women could be the most powerful creatures in the society, seemingly complicated and menial though. When men are pounding head on a single little goal, women might tackle hands on enormous objectives. Women are absolutely more focused and determined. We are Lucys in modern times. What if the positions of male or female change over? Is it induced from desire? Twist or whirl, connected or related. Body has the real feeling wherever and whenever it is real

Choreographer:Er Gao
Music : Yin Yi
Lighting design : Low Shee Hoe
Costume design : Sa Sa